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Mithila photo
Mithila photo

Mithila and Mukherjee are now in Switzerland. After the wedding he went to Honeymoon. They posted two pictures from Switzerland to Facebook and Instagram. One of these pictures was taken from the aircraft. It was seen in the snow-capped mountains of the Alps. In the second film, Mukherjee and Mithila created in winter clothes. One of the most popular film makers of this time in India, Shrimati Mukherjee, was married on December 5 evening at Lake Gardens in South Kolkata, a popular Bangladeshi small screen actress, model and presenter.

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The day they got married, Mithila spoke to Kolkata in the morning with the first light. Then Mithila said that they were going to Switzerland in Honeymoon. Along with Honey Moon, he will be pursuing a PhD at a university in Geneva. In all, they will stay in Switzerland for a week.

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